Friday, 15 March 2013


Hello guys!
Our new split released with DEATHWANK is officially out now!
DEATHWANK is scotland based noisegrind project band featuring band members from SUFFERINFUCK!
Formed on 2012 and already released demo, split in the physical and net-label format before. They played straight noisegrind,fast,loud and total blasting! Deeply influenced by fucked up world full of fucked up people with inane trite concerns.
In this new split they produced 29 tracks or merciless and filthy noisegrind straight to your face and all tracks has recorded on 3rd February 2013. Brutal and aggressive session from this guys will make your day freshly and beautiful also it will be cursed you!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is crappy drunk dirty noisy raw noisegrind from S.A city, mal.This time we has produced 10 new noiseshit tracks and all tracks has recorded at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER basement. still same like before. Noisy, raw and total shit will make your ear bleeding and destroy!
Both side has played very 'tough' and disgusting noisegrind session this time. something really worth for you, we sure you guys will be rape your play button 1000 times and repeating this tape until the tape damage or stuck in the tape deck!
This tape is a co-released project between FASTDIE RECORDS(mal).30 pcs(2 color cover green & orange) made by us and another 30pcs made by VILENOISE. so please grab this tape quickly as you can. we sure you know about SUFFERINFUCK and you need to know about DEATHWANK too! if you not, you just an asshole! Everyday is noise day! Death to elitist grindcore and noisecore capitalist!

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Contact: fastdie08[at]yahoo[dot]com (fastdie records)

Friday, 1 March 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS/RAWSCUM split tape is out now!

Hello guys.
Our new split with RAWSCUM(italy/greece noisecore) is officially out now!
RAWSCUM is a noisecore project that featuring Spiros from SLAUGHTERGRAVE,DOOMED AGAIN, and Jaron from OLOCAUSTO. RAWSCUM is very deeply influenced by SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD, NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY. They has released demo cd-r and few split with ACADEMIC WORMS(brazil old noisecore), AFASIA and other before. In this new split 16 noise/grind tracks has produced by them including cover song from SORE THROAT, CARCASS & ELECTRO HIPPIES.Total noisecore session and lo-fi stuff from RAWSCUM this time!something that you can't miss out.This is old school noisecore!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual give the full of raw dirty noisy grindcore. 
7 tracks from us for this split.
Total drunk noisegrind improvisation by us and recorded d.i.y at out regular recording place FREDDY KRUEGER basement.
This split is released by FASTDIE RECORDS(mal) in tape format. just limited 30 pcs only with 2 type cover color blue and yellow. The artwork for this split is rip from the SORE THROAT album. Hail to the SORE THROAT! Grab this tape quickly before they gone forever!

For buy or trade please contact with the label