Thursday, 2 January 2014


Here is the short update about tape compilation that already released in november 2013. it's called 'MEMBAKAR AMARAH'. this is compilation project by indonesian diy hcpunk label. co-operation released between SIC FANATIC RECORDS & BLACK REBELLION RECORDS. This compilation featuring 24 Bands from 6 countries, and most of the bands in this comp is from indonesia. SNB contribute 2 tracks for this comp. short and fast tracks. This compilation has released in limited 100pcs tape. Another great stuff and great bands has expose in this comp. mostly a bands from indonesia is doing great and excellent.Thanks for both labels for this pretty tapes. Here is the list of the bands in this compilation.

- Terror Nada - Nalais - Sexdistortion - Fuck Me Fuck My Noise - Voice Of Civil
- Bruten - To Die - Shitnoise Bastards - Dioxide - GerusxTerus - Freesian Flag
- Paranoia - Naked 87 - Sordo - Distruck - Vagina Dentata - Doomasscrust
- The Civil Agony - Anal Violence - Kontroversi - Thischarge - Sporadic
- Abusive - Occupation Decay


SHITNOISE BASTARDS splits & compilation netlabel released

Hello to all of you. Hope you guys is doing fine!
Here is the some info about few splits and compilation that already released on netlabel/digital format. It's 100% free to download! All stuff is come with fully cover cd layout.

1."10 seconds compilation" featuring 71 bands from over the world. The compilation thats show the expression and how the creativity making noise in 10 seconds. Something that you guys need to check out.
it's rare to have the short compilation like this. Released under DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal netlabel).

10 seconds compilation free download

2. split with S.R.T(mince/grind from guatemala). SRT is the new and fresh noisegrind shithead. They formed on mid 2013. They released a rehearsal/promo in cd-r format and also in digital format. In this new split with us, they gave 6 tracks including the re-recorded version track. In this split they sounds more like mincecore.
very interesting and nice band, they will come out with new split in 2014. get ready for this. SNB side for this split has recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. 10 new tracks by us this time. raw and dirty. what more can you expect from us? only raw and fast shit for sure.This split has released under DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal netlabel). come fully with cd cover layout.

SHITNOISE BASTARDS/S.R.T split free download

3."6 way raw shit split" featuring 2 bands from malaysia, 2 bands from brazil & 2 bands from u.k. from brazil we have SHITFUN & ACADEMIC WORMS, from uk we have ANAL-A-GO-GO-GEDDON & DEATHWANK, and from malaysia we have SNB & UNITED NONSENSE. this is raw shit split. all tracks here is raw. from noisepunk, raw grind, noisegrind to noisecore! everything have in this split. what are you guys waiting for now? go download this, it's free! this split has released under VILENOISE RECORDINGs(uk netlabel). come with fully cd cover layout. Enjoy this shit, and destroy your ear! Death to capitalist noisecore!

6 way split free download


Hello To All! We meet again here in a year 2014! We like to wish all of you happy new year! Wish you all the best for 2014. We having very busy week in last week of december 2013 for sure. so tired and damn wasted week and great week ever! So now here we made the short and fast updates about our new released. actually this stuff has released in december 2013. We have 3 new released is out now.

1. split with CISTERMIZED VIO-LENCE. 1 man mince/grind band from canada. this band has formed in early 2013, already released a split tape with MESTASTASIS before. nice raw mincecore/crust/grind band.Deeply influenced with the canadian minceore ARCHAGATHUS. In this new split with SNB, they gave 5 new tracks and SNB side with 24 shit tracks. raw, fast and grind! This split is released under SINISTER UPHEAVEL DIASC AND TAPES(usa) in mini disc format, limited 25 pcs only!

SHITNOISE BASTARDS tracks from this split

2. 'CAMPAIGN FOR MUSICAL DESTRUCTION' Ep tape. Featuring 35 tracks. raw shit and fast!
This is our 2nd Ep tape since our 1st Ep tape 'recharge'. We got a deal to released this Ep tape under our good friend label from rep czech, RAUHA TURVA diy hcpunk/noise label. Thanks to herbert for this released. Just released in limited quantity, 30 pcs in tape format. Prepare to destroy your stereo and ear!

RAUHA TURVA blogspot

3. YOU POSE BUT WHY? #1 flexi 7" compilation by PANDEL MUERTE from usa. This compilation featuring SETE STAR SEPT(jpn), EXACERBACION(costa rica), SNB(mal) and other more bands. Thanks to Dominic for making this comp. and the fanzine, he wrote mostly about his experiences during his time traveling to thailand and malaysia. I hope he will come back to malaysia again in future. Also few interviews and reviews.