Friday, 29 November 2013


Hello guys!
Here is another new split update. Actually this split is already released 1 and half month ago.
This time our split with NEKROKYRPA(raw noisecore/gore from finland).
We so lucky because Ollie has contacted us and planning about a split release. This is first time we did a split with noisecore band from finland, we not many know about noise scene at finland, just heard few old finnish bands only before. When ollie plan to to a split with his band, after we listening to NEKROKYRPA, we feel damn gerat shit, so filthy noise/gore stuff. So we proceed for this split. NEKROKYRPA has released 2 demo tape before under Ollie's diy label/distro called SUPREME ANALOG TORTURE RECORDS. They still new same like us too, but this band too hidden as well. you will so lucky if this band contact with you. because this band just have a links on cyber world, but they not give their contact info. In this split this Finnish side gave 10 minutes dirty noisecore session for our ears. Still filthy as fakk like their previous demo. Another nice and great stuff from Finland.
SNB gave 9 new tracks that we recording at our favorite place, uncle FREDDY KRUEGER basement. This recording session is same with our tracks for upcoming split with ACADEMIC WORMS(soon to be released). All this tracks is mastered by our monster friend, GODZILLA.
This split is released in tape format. The artwork for this split is done by Ollie too. This tape made in limited 50 pcs only, so get yourself awake, and contact with the label to get this filthy split tape.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS shirt and patch!

Finally after so many times has delayed, today our shirt is done!
d.i.y silkscreen printing, on black shirt only. Also patch is ready too.
Done by our friend Roddy from borneo malaysia. Big thanks to him for his willingness to print this bastards shirt and patch.
Place your order now, don't contact us, please contact with the person directly for any inquiry.


Price: MYR25 + postage (shirt)


Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hello to all! Here is another our split release that has released in last month, but we decided to update it today! sorry for our lazy ass season.
This time our split is with experimental noisecore from spain. they're CHOCHOS Y MOSCAS!
When the first time we get in touch, we already love them! they sounds very freshness and freak!
This band is totally have their own style in creating noisecore. Very good experimental noise band on earth now. don't know what is things has influenced them, but we heard they played sounds little bit like THE LOCUST(no matter if you hate the locust, just go fakk off).They already released so many of their noises in digital format(bandcamp site) and split with us is their first physical released.In this new split they gave to us countless noisecore shit. All is short and nice! over 20++ tracks by this spanish noisecore side!
SNB side recorded at our all time favorite place, UNCLE FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. 15 tracks by us this time, and all of our tracks is poor quality production. We're poor band on earth, we just use our own creativity and cheap devices to records our noise shit. Maybe this time you guys need to buy all our stuff so we can get some money to buy the proper recording tools(fuck you! we won't do that).
This split is released by our noise brother from spain. released under EMOCAUST RECORDS. Thanks to Andrian(owner of this label) because his willingness to make this split happened today! From first contact we made with Andrian, he already love both side sounds, and Andrian also is a nice dude on earth, after he done this split then he calling us to join his noisecore compilation after that. Damn good support from this dude!
This split released in 50 pcs nice,beautiful cd-r package. The artwork is done by Antonio from CYM(antonio has a nice editing skills). For us the artwork is awesome, and we don't need your opinion about it since we already love it. So wake up now and wash your ass and go buy this split cd now before your death!

To Buy or Trade Please Contact With:


Hello Guys! This is our first update for November.
Actually this release is already released in last month but we don't have enough time to update it here since we just like to sleeping in october.
This rehearsal was recorded on 2012 and early 2013. Actually this tracks in this rehearsal is the rejected tracks from our recording session, but we not throw it all to the dustbin, we keep it safely in our security box.
This session recorded at our favorite place, UNCLE FREEDY KRUEGER Basement. 2 tracks with total duration is 15 minutes. Sounds not very good because we never done a good recording, also we dont care about the quality of our noise. If you hate our sounds, that's good to us., so we will do more shit in future.
This rehearsal cd-r just made only 20pcs in custom cd-r version. So get up your ass now and grab this!
Not for grindcore and Noisecore capitalist asshole.

to get this rehearsal cd-r just do email to us.