Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hello to all! Here is another our split release that has released in last month, but we decided to update it today! sorry for our lazy ass season.
This time our split is with experimental noisecore from spain. they're CHOCHOS Y MOSCAS!
When the first time we get in touch, we already love them! they sounds very freshness and freak!
This band is totally have their own style in creating noisecore. Very good experimental noise band on earth now. don't know what is things has influenced them, but we heard they played sounds little bit like THE LOCUST(no matter if you hate the locust, just go fakk off).They already released so many of their noises in digital format(bandcamp site) and split with us is their first physical released.In this new split they gave to us countless noisecore shit. All is short and nice! over 20++ tracks by this spanish noisecore side!
SNB side recorded at our all time favorite place, UNCLE FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. 15 tracks by us this time, and all of our tracks is poor quality production. We're poor band on earth, we just use our own creativity and cheap devices to records our noise shit. Maybe this time you guys need to buy all our stuff so we can get some money to buy the proper recording tools(fuck you! we won't do that).
This split is released by our noise brother from spain. released under EMOCAUST RECORDS. Thanks to Andrian(owner of this label) because his willingness to make this split happened today! From first contact we made with Andrian, he already love both side sounds, and Andrian also is a nice dude on earth, after he done this split then he calling us to join his noisecore compilation after that. Damn good support from this dude!
This split released in 50 pcs nice,beautiful cd-r package. The artwork is done by Antonio from CYM(antonio has a nice editing skills). For us the artwork is awesome, and we don't need your opinion about it since we already love it. So wake up now and wash your ass and go buy this split cd now before your death!

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