Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hello to all stubborn grinders!
Our new split tape is officially released now.
This time our split with indonesian duo grinders PARANOIA!
This tape is released under BLACK REBELLION RECORDS from indonesia.
Firstly we very lucky because Matheo from B.R.C has contact with us and set up this split, when he gave us the PARANOIA links then we found this band is really good and great! PARANOIA is from bandung, indonesia. thier music style is very deeply influenced by their hometown well-known grindcore band TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK. fast and unstoppable blast beating stuff! PARANOIA has released a demo and splits before. In this new split release with us, they gave 8 tracks. raw, fast and brutal stuff for sure! as usual indonesia always produced very good grindcore band and PARANOIA is the next band that you need to pay the attention!
SNB side in this split as usual was recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. 7 new noise shit from us including 1 cover song from HELLNATION(shit society), of course our sounds is still raw and filthy dirty noisegrind! nothing good quality you can expect from us! fuck you grindcore elite!
This split tape has released in limited 30 pcs only. So you need to wake up and go get this tape quickly or you will be suffer! Go contact with the label release if you like to have this split tape.


Friday, 2 August 2013


Hello Guys! We back with new release again and another split in floppy diskette!
This time it's a split with our local band, EXTERMINATE.This band is came from malaysia  borneo part, sarawak.They known as NIGHT STILL YOUNG before and has released 1 split and demo before they change the name to EXTERMINATE. The band members in this band is came from other bands, they all playing in many bands, and still playing now. EXTERMINATE is their another project bands. EXTERMINATE play old school grindcore,heavy tunes such as TERRORIZER(world downfall era), BRUTAL TRUTH, early NAPALM DEATH, etc.. In this new split they gave 1 track that so brutal and anger! it's heavy and blast beating your face!!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual still a rubbish noisegrind band on earth. 1 new noise shit by us for this split. something experimental stuff with space sounds ambient. but it's still and must be raw! our track in this split is our longest tracks we ever recorded so far, so you can check this shit out now!
This split has released in very fucking limited 10pcs in floppy diskette format, and 10pcs mini disc alternate format. We can't find more the floppy diskette here, only 10pcs we found. But however this split also has released in digital format(free download full version with cover). so you still can listen to this shit. Lucky you!
Physical format has released by TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION(mal) and digital format released under VILENOISE RECORDINGS(uk) & MORTVILLE NOISE(usa). So get your ass up and go search this stuff now.

Buy Or trade please Contact : (snb band) (exterminate band)

Price: MYR3(diskette) by hand, by post MYR6(local only)
MYR5(mini-disc) by hand, by post MYR8(local only)
*for international order please contact us first to confirm the shipping cost.