Saturday, 15 June 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / CHANGOZ! split cd-r is out now!

Hello guys!
Our new split with CHANGOZ! is already out now. 
CHANGOZ! is a hardcorepunk/grind band from paraguay. They was formed on 2008. Their debut demo was released on 2009. till today they already released so many stuff such as demo, rehearsal and split. When the day we received their DESTRUCTION 2013 demo, we realize that CHANGOZ! is pretty awesome raw noisepunk band! Then we decided to put out the split with this guys. In this new split, CHANGOZ! gave 10 new tracks that were recorded on 6th-7th mei 2013. fast brutal and raw! awesome stuff by this guys.Total blast your head off for sure and ripping your ear to bleeding and explode! CHANGOZ! is the next band that you should give the attention if you like d.i.y raw stuff! this band sounds very organic, This is our new favorite for now!
SNB side for this split is taken from our recording session that we did on Mac 2013. at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER Basement and engineered by our good friend GODZILLA! 8 tracks from us, and of course it's raw-noisy-dirty-rubbish like usual! nothing good you can expect from us!
This split has released in 2 different format. cd-r and digital format released under PLACENTA RECORDING from usa.This is our 2nd released under PLACENTA RECORDING after they made a split released between SNB/GRINDING before.SNB/CHANGOZ! split is mixed and mastered by GODZILLA. So if you guys interested to get this split you guys can contact with the labels or the band directly! no rest for the noise!


Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hello guys, here is another our new split that already released in mei, but we late to update here.
This split is with GARABATO. noisecore from colombia. released in cd-r and digital format by FASTDIE RECORDS(cdr) & VILENOISE RECORDING(digital format).
GARABATO is noisecore duo from colombia. They already released few demo's and many split release such as with GORGONIZED DORKS(u.s noisecore master),TUCO(italy noisecore),I WILL GUILLOTINE YOUR CHIHUAHUA(u.s noisecore),FUCK ME FUCK MY NOIZE(thai noisecore),
REATOR04(brazil harshnoise) and many others more. GARABATO played straight noisy-harsh noisecore! in this split they gave 10 tracks including 1 live track taken from their live set. raw and dirty noisecore from GARABATO and we like it so much! we very lucky for done this split with them. one of the good noisecore band on earth.
SNB side in this split is like usual, raw noisy and dirty noisegrind! 12 tracks from us for this split ! nothing good you can expect from us, just rubbish noisy and raw grindcore!All tracks recorded at our favorite place Freddy Krueger basement.
This split has released in 2 format, cd-r and digital format(free download). the digital format is released under our good noise friend, VILENOISE RECORDING from u.k(one of the sickest noise label on earth), big thanks to VxNxR for made this! so you have an option how to get this split, either order for the cd-r type or you can just go download this then you can make your own copy/copies.

To buy/trade cd-r please contact:

Digital Free Download(complete with cover)

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Hello guys!
Our new split with THEONUGRAHA(ina digital-cyber-noise) is officially out now!Actually this split already released on 25th mei, but we just late to update in our blog.
THEONUGRAHA is 1 man band that played digital-cyber-noise use so many devices from analog to digital.
they sounds very digital not harsh. something smooth and different noise style. before this THEONUGRAHA has made a split with TOxDIE(ina noise). so you guys can check their stuff in the cyber world.
SNB tracks for this split is taken from our early rehearsal, 1st rehearsal session before we recorded our debut demo. So this is very rare since this tracks is unreleased before. Very raw-harsh-dirty noisegrind by us! 6 tracks by us for this split. 
This split has released in cd-r format and digital format(free download), The cd-r format released by KILAMADICE REC(croatia). The digital format has released by 3 labels from indonesia. They are BLACK REBELLION RECS, MAU TAK MAU RECORDS & MINDBLASTING. So there is no reason why you can't have your own copies for this split. Wake up now and go search this split.

To Buy/trade cd-r please contact:

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Digital Download cover version.