Hello guys! we know that long time this page is not update. So here since we have little time, here is little updates. For this time we feel so happy because we already hit #100 release. For full discography list you guys can check at band biography section. here is what releases has came out in past and this month:
+Split with NOISEATTACK(brazil), cd-r, DENTE PONDI RECORDS(brazil)
+Split with METHHEAD WISDOM(usa), netlabel, NO LIGHTS TONIGHT REC(usa)
+Split with MICHAEL CRAFTER(aus), cd-r, STOCKED DISTRO(aus) & TSP(mal)
+Split with ANAL VIOLENCE(cro), tapes, STENCH CARNAGE TAPES (usa)
+Split with DESGARRE RECTAL(ecu), tape, NOG Recs(usa)
+Split with ANTITALENT(ser), cd-r, JESBOLIGAKURAC RECS(ser)
+Split with ULTRAAUDIO(ina), tape, LARKIN TERROR RECORDS(mal)
+Split with RIPTO'S RAGE(usa), tape, NOG RECORDS(usa)
+Split with DISLEKSICK(can), tape, TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION(mal)
+3 way split with Condensednoiseforms​/​Sun Still Rises, cd, Wolne Tory.

By the way our home section is been stopped to update. all about our activities will be short updates in this section from time by time because we have very limited internet source. So we can't maintain to updating our site like before. we thinking to reformat again our blog here to be more easy for you guys, but in current time it will be same like this.

yeah we still have many things to coming out and it can be happen in anytime, for the best way to get to know about it you guys can check it at google site by search about us.

Our bandcamp site is still operation like usual, we will try to upload all of our works there from time to time. if want to download our previous released that already out of print, just do email to us about it. we will response to it.

we still have many upcoming project in the work right now and we planning to release our full length album, still no info about the full length project, it's still in the planning and still don't get a confirmation.

we also made appearance in 10 seconds vol. 2 compilation(free download by death tones records) & rest in shit 'a farewell to fred phelps' cd compilation released by DICKCRUSH RECORDS from usa. find it at google and we sure you guys will found the links.

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