Monday, 23 December 2013


Hello guys! Just short update here about our split that actually has released in november.
This time we made split release with BANGKOK ANARCHY noisecore from thailand.
BANGKOK ANARCHY is a project band that featuring band member from SWINGING CORPSE(thai brutal death).BxA set up in 2010.playing grindcore music lyricals about living in the social environment impacts on the environment and the people living on this planet. Not much info from this band since this is just only project band, but they has released a demo in tape and cd before. They sounds more to old school noisepunk/noisegrind. In this new split they gave 6 new tracks to destroy your ear!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual, raw dirty noisegrind straight to your face! We gave 2 tracks for this split in 8 minutes total duration. This is unreleased tracks that taken from our old rehearsal session before.
This split has released by DIY ATTACK MINI DISTRO from malaysia. released in cd-r format in limited 30 pcs only.Also available now at few distro around malaysia(peninsular and borneo also).Another campaign for musical destruction!


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS 'recharge' Ep tape is out now !

Hello to all noise stubborn ears! We meet again here with the new noise stuff to bleed your ear!
We proud to present to you 'recharge' Ep! our first ep released in tape format by NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST RECS from france.
Actually this ep tape has released in november. But we late to update here because we not regularly on the cyber world 3-4 weeks ago. Today we have a time to updating our blog.
This Ep tape contain with 7 tracks in total duration 20 minutes. This is very special released because we done our recording with the guest noise maker Azzief from JERK KEROUAC(mal harshnoise).This is total noisegrind stuff for sure. This is our first recording with the guest noise maker. Very fun and enjoy session for us during the recording. We hope in future we can do more collaboration like this.
This Ep tape has released by our partner in noise Hicham under his label NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST RECS, he also the vox in MONKEY PUNCH(fra pv/thrash/noise) right now. When we get an offer from hicham to released something in tape under his label, in the same time we also in planning to make the collaboration recording with azzief, so everything go very smooth, and quickly finished.This Ep tape released in limited 60 pcs only! Go get this tape when you still have a chance now. You'll so lucky if you have this tape, and you will die in suffer if you dont have this.
Available for trade or buy. For trade please write to the label first. This is total noisegrind!


Monday, 16 December 2013


Hello to all of you noise addict!
Here is our split update, actually this split has released on november 2013, but we dont have a time to updating our blog here since we have no good internet connection past 3-4 weeks ago.This time our split with noisecore band from usa, NAUSEATING POTENTIALS
Actually this is new noisecore band project by joe from RDCD(us harshnoise). Joe is already did noise so long time, he still producing his noise stuff till now, still active like a blastbeat! Many noise bands he did before, few of it still playing and few of it is already stop/quit. And his new noisecore project is NAUSEATING POTENTIALS, deeply influenced by 7MON, ANB, DECHE-CHARGE and other more old school noisecore stuff. NxP has released a split before with BREAKFAST ON JUPITER(fra noisecore) & JOLI (us harshnoise/exp). Also made appearance in few noise compilation. In this new split, they gave so brutal fast and merciless noisecore to destroy your ear! very energetic and so destruction! straight forward noisecore to your face. 8 minutes noisecore raging session by this noisefreak!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS tracks in this split is recorded seperately, 1 track we recording with special guest noisemaker AZZIEF from JERK KEROUAC(mal harshnoise) and another 1 track taken from our old recording, unreleased track. very total noise session this time. everything is noise! 8 minutes total duration by us for this split. raw harsh sleazy dirty noisegrind stuff for sure! no quality and no talent.
This split is released by  EXCAVATED PRODUCTION from usa, released in limited 30 pcs only, mcdr format! Only for noisefreak! Hope that split still have a few copies when you reading this, or you will die in suffer. Why you must have this split? because this is total noise stuff and little bit experimental noisegrind session contained! Go contact with the label if you want to have this split! Not for grindcore/noisecore elites.
Fuck You, death to capitalist noisecore.


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / AxFxA Split is out now !

Hello guys!
we meet again in the last month for 2013, and we have new split release out too!
This time our split with noisecore band from japan, AxFxA.
AxFxA is noisecore duo from japan, they has released their demo 'skum' in mid of this year, also they has appeared in few compilation, and they have upcoming split release project will bereleased in future. Not much info about them since this is the new noisecore project by this duo, but the line up is already playing in many other bands in past time and present time.You'll find so many crazy shit stuff by this duo including AxFxA too! 7 minutes noise raging by this japannese for this split. deeply 7MON influenced. Crazy noisecore stuff for your ears, short and brutal as fakk!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS tracks is recorded at FREDDY KRUEGER Basement in July 2013. All tracks mastered by GODZILLA. nothing interesting by this malaysian bastard, raw fast noisy filthy and no talent musicians. With the bad and poor recording quality  21 tracks recorded for this split.
This split has released in limited 30pcs tape format under TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION.
The first AxFxA split release(maybe).Artwork for this split is made by Magro(AxFxA). Total noisecore and raw stuff. Not for your entertainment in winter season and not for your family holiday songs. Just for noise freak and stubborn ears only. Fuck your music high taste, and death to capitalist noisecore!

no contact for this label.
Please contact with the band if you like to get this tape.

Friday, 29 November 2013


Hello guys!
Here is another new split update. Actually this split is already released 1 and half month ago.
This time our split with NEKROKYRPA(raw noisecore/gore from finland).
We so lucky because Ollie has contacted us and planning about a split release. This is first time we did a split with noisecore band from finland, we not many know about noise scene at finland, just heard few old finnish bands only before. When ollie plan to to a split with his band, after we listening to NEKROKYRPA, we feel damn gerat shit, so filthy noise/gore stuff. So we proceed for this split. NEKROKYRPA has released 2 demo tape before under Ollie's diy label/distro called SUPREME ANALOG TORTURE RECORDS. They still new same like us too, but this band too hidden as well. you will so lucky if this band contact with you. because this band just have a links on cyber world, but they not give their contact info. In this split this Finnish side gave 10 minutes dirty noisecore session for our ears. Still filthy as fakk like their previous demo. Another nice and great stuff from Finland.
SNB gave 9 new tracks that we recording at our favorite place, uncle FREDDY KRUEGER basement. This recording session is same with our tracks for upcoming split with ACADEMIC WORMS(soon to be released). All this tracks is mastered by our monster friend, GODZILLA.
This split is released in tape format. The artwork for this split is done by Ollie too. This tape made in limited 50 pcs only, so get yourself awake, and contact with the label to get this filthy split tape.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS shirt and patch!

Finally after so many times has delayed, today our shirt is done!
d.i.y silkscreen printing, on black shirt only. Also patch is ready too.
Done by our friend Roddy from borneo malaysia. Big thanks to him for his willingness to print this bastards shirt and patch.
Place your order now, don't contact us, please contact with the person directly for any inquiry.


Price: MYR25 + postage (shirt)


Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hello to all! Here is another our split release that has released in last month, but we decided to update it today! sorry for our lazy ass season.
This time our split is with experimental noisecore from spain. they're CHOCHOS Y MOSCAS!
When the first time we get in touch, we already love them! they sounds very freshness and freak!
This band is totally have their own style in creating noisecore. Very good experimental noise band on earth now. don't know what is things has influenced them, but we heard they played sounds little bit like THE LOCUST(no matter if you hate the locust, just go fakk off).They already released so many of their noises in digital format(bandcamp site) and split with us is their first physical released.In this new split they gave to us countless noisecore shit. All is short and nice! over 20++ tracks by this spanish noisecore side!
SNB side recorded at our all time favorite place, UNCLE FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. 15 tracks by us this time, and all of our tracks is poor quality production. We're poor band on earth, we just use our own creativity and cheap devices to records our noise shit. Maybe this time you guys need to buy all our stuff so we can get some money to buy the proper recording tools(fuck you! we won't do that).
This split is released by our noise brother from spain. released under EMOCAUST RECORDS. Thanks to Andrian(owner of this label) because his willingness to make this split happened today! From first contact we made with Andrian, he already love both side sounds, and Andrian also is a nice dude on earth, after he done this split then he calling us to join his noisecore compilation after that. Damn good support from this dude!
This split released in 50 pcs nice,beautiful cd-r package. The artwork is done by Antonio from CYM(antonio has a nice editing skills). For us the artwork is awesome, and we don't need your opinion about it since we already love it. So wake up now and wash your ass and go buy this split cd now before your death!

To Buy or Trade Please Contact With:


Hello Guys! This is our first update for November.
Actually this release is already released in last month but we don't have enough time to update it here since we just like to sleeping in october.
This rehearsal was recorded on 2012 and early 2013. Actually this tracks in this rehearsal is the rejected tracks from our recording session, but we not throw it all to the dustbin, we keep it safely in our security box.
This session recorded at our favorite place, UNCLE FREEDY KRUEGER Basement. 2 tracks with total duration is 15 minutes. Sounds not very good because we never done a good recording, also we dont care about the quality of our noise. If you hate our sounds, that's good to us., so we will do more shit in future.
This rehearsal cd-r just made only 20pcs in custom cd-r version. So get up your ass now and grab this!
Not for grindcore and Noisecore capitalist asshole.

to get this rehearsal cd-r just do email to us.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

4way split "noise punishment" is out now!!

Our new 4way split "noise punishment" featuring bands from brazil,canada,germany and malaysia is already released last month. We just late to update here since our ass is very lazy to get up and log in to our blog.
This split is present 3 harshnoise bands starting with GOOZE from canada, EXTREME HAIR STENCH is the legendary harsh noise from germany and NOISE MACHINE harsh noise from brazil, and not forgotten us(SNB) from malaysia. as like the other harsh noise bands, this 3 bands in this split is already well known with their countless of releases! you can't imagine how many they has produced their noise before! just hope you guys can check all of their discogs on the cyber world. this all bands is no need to introduction, they al great and also nice people in this planet. we also very proud to share a split release with EHS the legendary noise maker from germany since 90's. the frontman andy also is the very humble and nice friend of us, he also owner of the diy noise label ONKEL TUKA TAPES and has releasing many of sick noise tape stuff!
This split is released as the free digital download, comes with full cover layout, under new netlabel DEATH TONES RECORDS from malaysia. This is the alternative way since the world postage is increasing insanely, but it will never stop and kill noise! So there is no reason why you can't have this special split released, go download, make your copies and spread it out as far as you can.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Hello Guys we're come again with second new release for this month!
This time we proudly to present to you 'Legalize Noisecore' our new split tape with france noisecore freak BREAKFAST ON JUPITER! This noisecore duo based at Arles, France.
BOJ formed on 2012 by Thom(Drums, Sax, Vocals) & Ju(Guitar, Bass, Vocals). They released debut demo on 2012 in cdr format. After that they released many split including split with GORGONIZED DORKS(usa noisecore master), DECHE-CHARGE(can noiscore legend), MUNDO DE MIERDA(ecuardo noisegrind),
DEATHWANK(sco noisegrind), MORTE LENTA(brazil noisecore), DEEP FRIED EMBRYO(usa gorenoise) and manymore! they also already released 2nd and 3rd demo so far in tape and cdr. The frontman of this band also owner of the diy record label called STOCKROOM RECORDS.
In this new split BOJ gave 8 minutes raw noisy noise/grind session. This session recorded on July 2013.
BOJ noise is influential with Sci fi stuff. Another great and interesting noise band you need to check now!
SNB is noisegrind bastards from SA City, Mal. In this new split we gave 8 tracks that we recorded on march 2013 at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. raw noisy no quality and rubbish for sure. Dont expect anything nice sounds from us! And we don't need your review for our noise shit because we know we're shit!
This split tape released under TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION in limited 30pcs only. grab this fast as you can, do contact with our drummer via email if you like to buy or trade. Not for grindcore elite and Noisecore capitalist! fuck you!

Buy Or Trade Please Contact:

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hello guys.
we see again, our new split is officially out now, this time is a split with brazillian noisecore/punk PORRALOKA! This split actually has released mid of september but we're very fucking lazy to update our blog, september is totally our lazy ass month. but this month we will update and refresh our blog.
PORRALOKA is a noisecore/punk band from brazil, they already put out many releases before demo and split including split with CHANGOZ!(par raw noisepunk), TACOMANIACX(noise from mars), INDUSTRIAL HOLOCAUST(bra legendary noisegrind), TO-DIE(ina noise master), ANAL VIOLENCE(cro speedcore shit), GARABATO(col noisecore) and many other more! in this new split with SNB, they present 10 new noise shit, raw shit stuff! just straight noisecore to your face! you can check all their releases on PORRALOKA official bandcamp.
SHITNOISE BASTARDS side in this split is still noisy and raw as fakk. 12 new tracks from us with short tracks title this time. Recorded at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER Basement.
This split is released in cd-r format with seperate cover artwork by each bands. Released under brazil diy noise label Dente Pôdi Records, owner of this label is MORTE LENTA(brazil noisecore) vocalist, Joao Felipe also our good partner is noise! So to all noise addict, go contact with the label and buy this split or trade. support diy noisecore, death to capitalist noisecore!

To buy or trade:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS/PISSDEADS split tape is out now !

Hello guys!
Our new split is officially out now! this time we did a split with russia noisecore master PISSDEADS!
PISSDEADS is noisecore band from russia, they formed on 2005 and has released so many releases, demo, ep and splits. they already released a split including with DISLEKSICK(can),DOSA(mal),PERMANENT DEATH(bel),PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE(mal),GORGONIZED DORKS(usa) and many more! too many to write here! 18 new tracks recorded by PISSDEADS in this new split, raw chaotic noisecore stuff. great stuff as usual by PISSDEADS! no bullshit, just straight noisecore to your face!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS gave 18 new tracks in this split. noisy, bad quality and no musical form stuff like usual from us. Recorded at our all time favorite place @ FREDDY KRUEGER basement, and mixed by our good friend GODZILLA.
This split is titled 'capitalist victimization' released by TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION & D.I.Y ATTACK both from malaysia. released in tape format. So get your ass up and go buy this tape now. support diy grindcore!

To buy or trade please contact with the labels:

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hello to all stubborn grinders!
Our new split tape is officially released now.
This time our split with indonesian duo grinders PARANOIA!
This tape is released under BLACK REBELLION RECORDS from indonesia.
Firstly we very lucky because Matheo from B.R.C has contact with us and set up this split, when he gave us the PARANOIA links then we found this band is really good and great! PARANOIA is from bandung, indonesia. thier music style is very deeply influenced by their hometown well-known grindcore band TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK. fast and unstoppable blast beating stuff! PARANOIA has released a demo and splits before. In this new split release with us, they gave 8 tracks. raw, fast and brutal stuff for sure! as usual indonesia always produced very good grindcore band and PARANOIA is the next band that you need to pay the attention!
SNB side in this split as usual was recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER Basement. 7 new noise shit from us including 1 cover song from HELLNATION(shit society), of course our sounds is still raw and filthy dirty noisegrind! nothing good quality you can expect from us! fuck you grindcore elite!
This split tape has released in limited 30 pcs only. So you need to wake up and go get this tape quickly or you will be suffer! Go contact with the label release if you like to have this split tape.


Friday, 2 August 2013


Hello Guys! We back with new release again and another split in floppy diskette!
This time it's a split with our local band, EXTERMINATE.This band is came from malaysia  borneo part, sarawak.They known as NIGHT STILL YOUNG before and has released 1 split and demo before they change the name to EXTERMINATE. The band members in this band is came from other bands, they all playing in many bands, and still playing now. EXTERMINATE is their another project bands. EXTERMINATE play old school grindcore,heavy tunes such as TERRORIZER(world downfall era), BRUTAL TRUTH, early NAPALM DEATH, etc.. In this new split they gave 1 track that so brutal and anger! it's heavy and blast beating your face!!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual still a rubbish noisegrind band on earth. 1 new noise shit by us for this split. something experimental stuff with space sounds ambient. but it's still and must be raw! our track in this split is our longest tracks we ever recorded so far, so you can check this shit out now!
This split has released in very fucking limited 10pcs in floppy diskette format, and 10pcs mini disc alternate format. We can't find more the floppy diskette here, only 10pcs we found. But however this split also has released in digital format(free download full version with cover). so you still can listen to this shit. Lucky you!
Physical format has released by TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION(mal) and digital format released under VILENOISE RECORDINGS(uk) & MORTVILLE NOISE(usa). So get your ass up and go search this stuff now.

Buy Or trade please Contact : (snb band) (exterminate band)

Price: MYR3(diskette) by hand, by post MYR6(local only)
MYR5(mini-disc) by hand, by post MYR8(local only)
*for international order please contact us first to confirm the shipping cost.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS 'environmental speak dead language' demo tape is out now !

Hello guys!
We're very happy to announce that our latest demo 'environmental speak dead language' is officially out now! This time 3 labels has involved for this release NEURAL DISCORD RECORDINGS(usa),FUCK THE INDUSTRY(jpn) & TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION(mal). Actually this demo is already released on 27th june by NEURAL DISCORD RECORDING at usa, then FUCK THE INDUSTRY from japan officially released this tape on 4th june, and TOTAL SHIT PROD will put out this tape in near time.This is our first released that involved the label from japan, so by this way it will be easily to all japan noisefreaks to get our noise shit since the worldwide postage rates is increasing very expensive for nowdays!
Alright this our new demo is containing 10 new noise shit that we has recorded d.i.y on april 2013 at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER basement and has engineered,mixed and mastered by our best monster friend GODZILLA. still same like our previous sounds, this is total raw noisy dirty noisegrind stuff! Actually this is our 3rd demo.This demo also is celebrating for our 1st year as the band and we dedicated this special demo to all our friends,labels,bands that has working together and helping us around year ago till today! So many person,labels,bands,friends has involved with us. Big thanks and salute to all of you guys! You know who you are.So Grab this demo quickly. Just contact with the label that nearest with you. there is no reason why you can't have this demo tape! unstoppable filthy raw noisegrind tunes for your broken heart!

To Order Please Contact:




Monday, 1 July 2013

SHITNOISE BASTADRS / MALäD split tape is out now !

Hello guys! Our split with MALäD is out now! This split actually has released on 20th june, we just late to update it here. This split has released by NHDIYSTREC(france) in tape format.
MALäD is the noisecore duo from kiev,ukraine and was formed on 2010. This is bass & drum noisecore act! They has released their demo, e.p and few split including split with GORGONIZED DORKS(usa noisecore master),TUCO(ita noisecore),SNUFF TAPES(finland noisecore) and other more. In this new split with SNB, they gave their 12 minutes of the noisecore session raging set! very brutal and sick blasting!one of the noisecore band you need to give the attention!
SNB side is like usual. raw dirty and noisy. we gave 7 new tracks for this split. recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and has engineered, mixed, mastered by our good monster friend GODZILLA. 7 tracks that sure will make you non-stop vomiting!
This split has released under NHDIYSTREC from france(another great noisefreak label) . thanks to Christophe for make this tape happened. Chris also is the frontman for the noisegrind band ADOLF SHITTER. released in limited 30 pcs home dubbed tapes only! grab this quickly! unstoppable blast beat stuff!

To order or trade please contact: 

' 666 songs' 3 way split is out now!!

hello noisefreak!
Our new 3 way split titled "666 songs" featuring OUR ROOTS(fra PV)/STANLEY IPKISS(ita fastcore)/SHITNOISE BASTARDS(mal noisegrind) has released and available now! released by NEANDERTHAL PRODUCTION(france) in pro cd-r format.
OUR ROOTS is powerviolence trio from Marseille,france formed on 2009. They has released their EP and Full lenght before. Also they has did few tour before. Frontman for this band, Matt also is the neanderthal prod. owner. Their music style they  has combining and mixed from screamo,hardcore,punk to grindcore! very energetic and fresh tunes from this guys!
STANLEY IPKISS is the new fastcore band featuring band member from SLAUGHTER IN VATICAN, DOWNRIGHT, SO GREY, LOSERS PARADE and many more! This new band they played old school fastcore style! they has released a demo before and this is their first split released. And sure many will be come out from this band soon! great fastcore stuff from this italian side.
SNB is noisegrind shithead trio from SA City, Mal. just fucking raw shit sleazy noisegrind. nothing good you can expect from this shithead. just raw stuff!
So get up your ass , contact with the label and place your order now! this is split released featuring 3 bands with different music genre and from 3 different countries! very nice stuff and nice packaging for sure! No matter what you playing, here is the proof that the music genre is not a big problem. fuck your music ego shit!

To Order please contact:

Saturday, 15 June 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / CHANGOZ! split cd-r is out now!

Hello guys!
Our new split with CHANGOZ! is already out now. 
CHANGOZ! is a hardcorepunk/grind band from paraguay. They was formed on 2008. Their debut demo was released on 2009. till today they already released so many stuff such as demo, rehearsal and split. When the day we received their DESTRUCTION 2013 demo, we realize that CHANGOZ! is pretty awesome raw noisepunk band! Then we decided to put out the split with this guys. In this new split, CHANGOZ! gave 10 new tracks that were recorded on 6th-7th mei 2013. fast brutal and raw! awesome stuff by this guys.Total blast your head off for sure and ripping your ear to bleeding and explode! CHANGOZ! is the next band that you should give the attention if you like d.i.y raw stuff! this band sounds very organic, This is our new favorite for now!
SNB side for this split is taken from our recording session that we did on Mac 2013. at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER Basement and engineered by our good friend GODZILLA! 8 tracks from us, and of course it's raw-noisy-dirty-rubbish like usual! nothing good you can expect from us!
This split has released in 2 different format. cd-r and digital format released under PLACENTA RECORDING from usa.This is our 2nd released under PLACENTA RECORDING after they made a split released between SNB/GRINDING before.SNB/CHANGOZ! split is mixed and mastered by GODZILLA. So if you guys interested to get this split you guys can contact with the labels or the band directly! no rest for the noise!


Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hello guys, here is another our new split that already released in mei, but we late to update here.
This split is with GARABATO. noisecore from colombia. released in cd-r and digital format by FASTDIE RECORDS(cdr) & VILENOISE RECORDING(digital format).
GARABATO is noisecore duo from colombia. They already released few demo's and many split release such as with GORGONIZED DORKS(u.s noisecore master),TUCO(italy noisecore),I WILL GUILLOTINE YOUR CHIHUAHUA(u.s noisecore),FUCK ME FUCK MY NOIZE(thai noisecore),
REATOR04(brazil harshnoise) and many others more. GARABATO played straight noisy-harsh noisecore! in this split they gave 10 tracks including 1 live track taken from their live set. raw and dirty noisecore from GARABATO and we like it so much! we very lucky for done this split with them. one of the good noisecore band on earth.
SNB side in this split is like usual, raw noisy and dirty noisegrind! 12 tracks from us for this split ! nothing good you can expect from us, just rubbish noisy and raw grindcore!All tracks recorded at our favorite place Freddy Krueger basement.
This split has released in 2 format, cd-r and digital format(free download). the digital format is released under our good noise friend, VILENOISE RECORDING from u.k(one of the sickest noise label on earth), big thanks to VxNxR for made this! so you have an option how to get this split, either order for the cd-r type or you can just go download this then you can make your own copy/copies.

To buy/trade cd-r please contact:

Digital Free Download(complete with cover)

cdr copies.


Hello guys!
Our new split with THEONUGRAHA(ina digital-cyber-noise) is officially out now!Actually this split already released on 25th mei, but we just late to update in our blog.
THEONUGRAHA is 1 man band that played digital-cyber-noise use so many devices from analog to digital.
they sounds very digital not harsh. something smooth and different noise style. before this THEONUGRAHA has made a split with TOxDIE(ina noise). so you guys can check their stuff in the cyber world.
SNB tracks for this split is taken from our early rehearsal, 1st rehearsal session before we recorded our debut demo. So this is very rare since this tracks is unreleased before. Very raw-harsh-dirty noisegrind by us! 6 tracks by us for this split. 
This split has released in cd-r format and digital format(free download), The cd-r format released by KILAMADICE REC(croatia). The digital format has released by 3 labels from indonesia. They are BLACK REBELLION RECS, MAU TAK MAU RECORDS & MINDBLASTING. So there is no reason why you can't have your own copies for this split. Wake up now and go search this split.

To Buy/trade cd-r please contact:

Digital Download(complete with cover)

cd-r copies.

Digital Download cover version.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hello guys!
Our 2nd new released for this month is officially out now! THE MINDLESS SHOW(s.a city punkrock trio)/SHITNOISE BASTARDS(s.a city noisegrind) split cd-r is ready to go!
THE MINDLESS SHOW is the punkrock trio from s.a city,Mal was formed on early 2003, and their debut demo/rehearsal was released on 2005 in tape format.They has released many split before including split with 
DEAD CHRETIENS(can punkrock),GASOLINE GRENADE(mal punkrock),SMG(s.a city grindcore). Also they has appeared in few compilation in local and worldwide.They played melodic punkrock tunes with sometimes blend with little bit 'heavy', 'blast' , 'jazzy' riff in their composition. Almost of their recording they made it d.i.y recorded and sounds is raw! is was beautiful! The front man of this band who also played in SMG and also the owner of PISSART RECORDS.You guys can check more about them by searching them in the cyber world!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is the shitty noisegrind trio from s.a city,Mal.What can you expect from this loser? only raw,noisy,dirty played/recorded by them! if you guys never heard about this shitty heads, you guys can do check their noise shit on their official bandcamp site. go google it madafaker!
Both bands tracks in this split is recorded live from the same gig they played on february 2013 during the KAMI ADA(germany crustpunk) S.E.A Tour 2013, S.A City show.Why you must have this? because this split is containing 2 different style of music in 1 split. So after your ear bleeding with the raw noisy tune by SNB, then your ear will be recover back by the very good live set, calm live set by THE MINDLESS SHOW! so this is very useful for all of us right! and lastly FUCK THE MUSICAL GENRE! there is no music border in underground. Friendly is 1st, music is last thing! keep in your mind idiot!

For buy or trade:

Monday, 6 May 2013


Hello guys!
First of all we like to wish you happy labor day!
To entertain your rest day, we happy to announce that our new released is officially out now!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS/CUM SOCK split tape is 100% ready now!
CUM SOCK is a noise/punk/grind/anything, and they from Canada.CxS was formed on early 2000 and has releasing many of d.i.y stuff since 2003! They has released the demo,compilations and split with DISLEKSICK(can),EGO-DEATH,SWAMP RAT,PAGAN FIRE and many others.CxS tracks in this split was recorded from 2003-04.They give 12 tracks for this split.Something straight forward noise to your face and surely this is RAW stuff little bit with anger mood! you need to becareful when you listen to this.
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is the shitty-raw-noisy-filthy grindcore from Malaysia. 10 new tracks by us on this time! Recording session at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and was engineered,mixed,mastered by their loyal friend GODZILLA! Raw and noisy as fakk as usual. What can you expect from this bastard? sit down and listen the noise.
This tape has released in limited 30pcs only.Another campaign for the musical destruction released! This is not in high quality stuff, so fuck your musical high taste and no grindcore/ d.i.y elitist allowed here!

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Friday, 19 April 2013


Hello guys here is our 3rd new released for this month and it's already out 2 weeks ago!
It is our 2nd 4way split released,this time we share a split with MAJORxCUNT(u.k noisefreak)/xJIMBOWENx(u.k raw grindnoise)/ANAL-A-GO-GO-GEDDON(u.k noisefreak)! this split has released in mini-disc format under VILENOISE RECORDINGS.
All this band in this split is gave 5 minutes tracks in the way of raw,noise and grind! If you never heard about this all bands in this split you can check it out on the VILENOISE RECORDINGS official bandcamp, all this bands is offer the free download for almost of their releases before. All this band already released a lots of noise releases before.VILENOISE RECORDINGS is totally insane and really addicted in producing the noise stuff! one of the noisefreak d.i.y label that very active for now all of their releases mostly is offer for free download. so you can check out their bandcamp site after this or now!
SNB side gave 7 new noise shit for this split! total raw and noisy stuff as usual! what you can expect when the drunk shithead try to playing grindcore?? so you better check this and buy this stuff.
This split just released in limited 30 pcs only, so please get this quickly before you will regret in future! for the noisefreak lover only and not for the grindcore elites crap shit bastards! this is and apocalypse to the elitist grindcore scene! fuck you!

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Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hello guys this month we have 3 released is already out now, sorry for taking time to make the new update.
The second released for this month is our split with CORRUPT HUMANITY and its already out now and released by R.A.P.S RECORDS from Bandung, Indonesia. This split is released in tape format.
CORRUPT HUMANITY is the raw grindcore/crust band from scotland. They has released the demo and many split released including split with UNHOLY GRAVE, DISEKSA, TO-DIE, SORDO, TAKASHI OHKAWA, and other more! In this new split with us, CxH side gave 7 new tracks with touch of the raw filthy grind. In this new tracks for this split CxH side has adding up the little bit of mince grind style in their tracks.superb and excellent! no bullshit, just straight raw grind to the face!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is the tuneless and raw dirty harsh noisegrind trio from S.A city,mal. In this split with CxH we gave 4 tracks including 3 minutes of  noise torture improvisation. still fuckin' raw and dirty as usual and recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and engineered,mixed,mastered by our best friend GODZILLA. there is nothing special you can expect from SNB, only raw and noisy stuff for the noisegrind lover!
To purchase this split tape kindly contact with the label released R.A.P.S RECORDS(indonesia).
Go buy this quickly before you will decide to hang yourself! support d.i.y grindcore!


Monday, 1 April 2013


Hello Guys!
we like to announce that our new released is officially out now!
This is our split cd-r  with FUCK ME FUCK MY NOIZE(thailand noisecore)
 'noise machine' titled.
FMxFMN is all the way from Thailand! They formed and has played since 2011 and already made many of released like split with DOSA(mal noisecore), 240 NOISE VOLTS(mal  noisegrind), TOxDIE(ina noise), GARABATO(col noisecore), SETE STAR SEPT(jpn noisegrind), FATAL POSITION(u.s noisecore) and many others more! too many to be list here. FMxFMN also has released demo and E.p on 2011. They played straight old school noise/grind straight to your face with filthy noise excreted to your ears! Go check their noise on the cyber world, sure you guys will like it so much! In this new split FMxFMN produced 30 of noise tracks for you. Raw-fast and excellent stuff for sure! nothing to say about them,very pure raw noisecore recorded by this noisefreak from thailand!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is S.A city, Mal based. We play raw dirty fast noisegrind and sometime you can hear slow and happy tunes from us. In this new split with FMxFMN, we produced 12 tracks.
Raw-noisy-dirty-low quality recorded as usual. session recorded d.i.y at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and all tracks has edited,mixed,mastered by our loyal sound destroyer GODZILLA.
Get yourself awake and grab this split cd-r quickly! if you want something very fast and raw this split is highy recommended stuff! 42 tracks in total! very worth for your ear appetite and to destroy your audio system!

For buy or trade:
Contact: fastdie08(at)yahoo(dot)com

Friday, 15 March 2013


Hello guys!
Our new split released with DEATHWANK is officially out now!
DEATHWANK is scotland based noisegrind project band featuring band members from SUFFERINFUCK!
Formed on 2012 and already released demo, split in the physical and net-label format before. They played straight noisegrind,fast,loud and total blasting! Deeply influenced by fucked up world full of fucked up people with inane trite concerns.
In this new split they produced 29 tracks or merciless and filthy noisegrind straight to your face and all tracks has recorded on 3rd February 2013. Brutal and aggressive session from this guys will make your day freshly and beautiful also it will be cursed you!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is crappy drunk dirty noisy raw noisegrind from S.A city, mal.This time we has produced 10 new noiseshit tracks and all tracks has recorded at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER basement. still same like before. Noisy, raw and total shit will make your ear bleeding and destroy!
Both side has played very 'tough' and disgusting noisegrind session this time. something really worth for you, we sure you guys will be rape your play button 1000 times and repeating this tape until the tape damage or stuck in the tape deck!
This tape is a co-released project between FASTDIE RECORDS(mal).30 pcs(2 color cover green & orange) made by us and another 30pcs made by VILENOISE. so please grab this tape quickly as you can. we sure you know about SUFFERINFUCK and you need to know about DEATHWANK too! if you not, you just an asshole! Everyday is noise day! Death to elitist grindcore and noisecore capitalist!

Buy or Trade:
Contact: fastdie08[at]yahoo[dot]com (fastdie records)

Friday, 1 March 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS/RAWSCUM split tape is out now!

Hello guys.
Our new split with RAWSCUM(italy/greece noisecore) is officially out now!
RAWSCUM is a noisecore project that featuring Spiros from SLAUGHTERGRAVE,DOOMED AGAIN, and Jaron from OLOCAUSTO. RAWSCUM is very deeply influenced by SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD, NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY. They has released demo cd-r and few split with ACADEMIC WORMS(brazil old noisecore), AFASIA and other before. In this new split 16 noise/grind tracks has produced by them including cover song from SORE THROAT, CARCASS & ELECTRO HIPPIES.Total noisecore session and lo-fi stuff from RAWSCUM this time!something that you can't miss out.This is old school noisecore!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual give the full of raw dirty noisy grindcore. 
7 tracks from us for this split.
Total drunk noisegrind improvisation by us and recorded d.i.y at out regular recording place FREDDY KRUEGER basement.
This split is released by FASTDIE RECORDS(mal) in tape format. just limited 30 pcs only with 2 type cover color blue and yellow. The artwork for this split is rip from the SORE THROAT album. Hail to the SORE THROAT! Grab this tape quickly before they gone forever!

For buy or trade please contact with the label