Friday, 29 November 2013


Hello guys!
Here is another new split update. Actually this split is already released 1 and half month ago.
This time our split with NEKROKYRPA(raw noisecore/gore from finland).
We so lucky because Ollie has contacted us and planning about a split release. This is first time we did a split with noisecore band from finland, we not many know about noise scene at finland, just heard few old finnish bands only before. When ollie plan to to a split with his band, after we listening to NEKROKYRPA, we feel damn gerat shit, so filthy noise/gore stuff. So we proceed for this split. NEKROKYRPA has released 2 demo tape before under Ollie's diy label/distro called SUPREME ANALOG TORTURE RECORDS. They still new same like us too, but this band too hidden as well. you will so lucky if this band contact with you. because this band just have a links on cyber world, but they not give their contact info. In this split this Finnish side gave 10 minutes dirty noisecore session for our ears. Still filthy as fakk like their previous demo. Another nice and great stuff from Finland.
SNB gave 9 new tracks that we recording at our favorite place, uncle FREDDY KRUEGER basement. This recording session is same with our tracks for upcoming split with ACADEMIC WORMS(soon to be released). All this tracks is mastered by our monster friend, GODZILLA.
This split is released in tape format. The artwork for this split is done by Ollie too. This tape made in limited 50 pcs only, so get yourself awake, and contact with the label to get this filthy split tape.


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