Tuesday, 3 December 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / AxFxA Split is out now !

Hello guys!
we meet again in the last month for 2013, and we have new split release out too!
This time our split with noisecore band from japan, AxFxA.
AxFxA is noisecore duo from japan, they has released their demo 'skum' in mid of this year, also they has appeared in few compilation, and they have upcoming split release project will bereleased in future. Not much info about them since this is the new noisecore project by this duo, but the line up is already playing in many other bands in past time and present time.You'll find so many crazy shit stuff by this duo including AxFxA too! 7 minutes noise raging by this japannese for this split. deeply 7MON influenced. Crazy noisecore stuff for your ears, short and brutal as fakk!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS tracks is recorded at FREDDY KRUEGER Basement in July 2013. All tracks mastered by GODZILLA. nothing interesting by this malaysian bastard, raw fast noisy filthy and no talent musicians. With the bad and poor recording quality  21 tracks recorded for this split.
This split has released in limited 30pcs tape format under TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION.
The first AxFxA split release(maybe).Artwork for this split is made by Magro(AxFxA). Total noisecore and raw stuff. Not for your entertainment in winter season and not for your family holiday songs. Just for noise freak and stubborn ears only. Fuck your music high taste, and death to capitalist noisecore!

no contact for this label.
Please contact with the band if you like to get this tape.

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