Monday, 23 December 2013


Hello guys! Just short update here about our split that actually has released in november.
This time we made split release with BANGKOK ANARCHY noisecore from thailand.
BANGKOK ANARCHY is a project band that featuring band member from SWINGING CORPSE(thai brutal death).BxA set up in 2010.playing grindcore music lyricals about living in the social environment impacts on the environment and the people living on this planet. Not much info from this band since this is just only project band, but they has released a demo in tape and cd before. They sounds more to old school noisepunk/noisegrind. In this new split they gave 6 new tracks to destroy your ear!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual, raw dirty noisegrind straight to your face! We gave 2 tracks for this split in 8 minutes total duration. This is unreleased tracks that taken from our old rehearsal session before.
This split has released by DIY ATTACK MINI DISTRO from malaysia. released in cd-r format in limited 30 pcs only.Also available now at few distro around malaysia(peninsular and borneo also).Another campaign for musical destruction!


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