Wednesday, 18 December 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS 'recharge' Ep tape is out now !

Hello to all noise stubborn ears! We meet again here with the new noise stuff to bleed your ear!
We proud to present to you 'recharge' Ep! our first ep released in tape format by NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST RECS from france.
Actually this ep tape has released in november. But we late to update here because we not regularly on the cyber world 3-4 weeks ago. Today we have a time to updating our blog.
This Ep tape contain with 7 tracks in total duration 20 minutes. This is very special released because we done our recording with the guest noise maker Azzief from JERK KEROUAC(mal harshnoise).This is total noisegrind stuff for sure. This is our first recording with the guest noise maker. Very fun and enjoy session for us during the recording. We hope in future we can do more collaboration like this.
This Ep tape has released by our partner in noise Hicham under his label NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST RECS, he also the vox in MONKEY PUNCH(fra pv/thrash/noise) right now. When we get an offer from hicham to released something in tape under his label, in the same time we also in planning to make the collaboration recording with azzief, so everything go very smooth, and quickly finished.This Ep tape released in limited 60 pcs only! Go get this tape when you still have a chance now. You'll so lucky if you have this tape, and you will die in suffer if you dont have this.
Available for trade or buy. For trade please write to the label first. This is total noisegrind!


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