Monday, 16 December 2013


Hello to all of you noise addict!
Here is our split update, actually this split has released on november 2013, but we dont have a time to updating our blog here since we have no good internet connection past 3-4 weeks ago.This time our split with noisecore band from usa, NAUSEATING POTENTIALS
Actually this is new noisecore band project by joe from RDCD(us harshnoise). Joe is already did noise so long time, he still producing his noise stuff till now, still active like a blastbeat! Many noise bands he did before, few of it still playing and few of it is already stop/quit. And his new noisecore project is NAUSEATING POTENTIALS, deeply influenced by 7MON, ANB, DECHE-CHARGE and other more old school noisecore stuff. NxP has released a split before with BREAKFAST ON JUPITER(fra noisecore) & JOLI (us harshnoise/exp). Also made appearance in few noise compilation. In this new split, they gave so brutal fast and merciless noisecore to destroy your ear! very energetic and so destruction! straight forward noisecore to your face. 8 minutes noisecore raging session by this noisefreak!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS tracks in this split is recorded seperately, 1 track we recording with special guest noisemaker AZZIEF from JERK KEROUAC(mal harshnoise) and another 1 track taken from our old recording, unreleased track. very total noise session this time. everything is noise! 8 minutes total duration by us for this split. raw harsh sleazy dirty noisegrind stuff for sure! no quality and no talent.
This split is released by  EXCAVATED PRODUCTION from usa, released in limited 30 pcs only, mcdr format! Only for noisefreak! Hope that split still have a few copies when you reading this, or you will die in suffer. Why you must have this split? because this is total noise stuff and little bit experimental noisegrind session contained! Go contact with the label if you want to have this split! Not for grindcore/noisecore elites.
Fuck You, death to capitalist noisecore.


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