Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hello guys!
Our 2nd new released for this month is officially out now! THE MINDLESS SHOW(s.a city punkrock trio)/SHITNOISE BASTARDS(s.a city noisegrind) split cd-r is ready to go!
THE MINDLESS SHOW is the punkrock trio from s.a city,Mal was formed on early 2003, and their debut demo/rehearsal was released on 2005 in tape format.They has released many split before including split with 
DEAD CHRETIENS(can punkrock),GASOLINE GRENADE(mal punkrock),SMG(s.a city grindcore). Also they has appeared in few compilation in local and worldwide.They played melodic punkrock tunes with sometimes blend with little bit 'heavy', 'blast' , 'jazzy' riff in their composition. Almost of their recording they made it d.i.y recorded and sounds is raw! is was beautiful! The front man of this band who also played in SMG and also the owner of PISSART RECORDS.You guys can check more about them by searching them in the cyber world!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is the shitty noisegrind trio from s.a city,Mal.What can you expect from this loser? only raw,noisy,dirty played/recorded by them! if you guys never heard about this shitty heads, you guys can do check their noise shit on their official bandcamp site. go google it madafaker!
Both bands tracks in this split is recorded live from the same gig they played on february 2013 during the KAMI ADA(germany crustpunk) S.E.A Tour 2013, S.A City show.Why you must have this? because this split is containing 2 different style of music in 1 split. So after your ear bleeding with the raw noisy tune by SNB, then your ear will be recover back by the very good live set, calm live set by THE MINDLESS SHOW! so this is very useful for all of us right! and lastly FUCK THE MUSICAL GENRE! there is no music border in underground. Friendly is 1st, music is last thing! keep in your mind idiot!

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