Monday, 6 May 2013


Hello guys!
First of all we like to wish you happy labor day!
To entertain your rest day, we happy to announce that our new released is officially out now!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS/CUM SOCK split tape is 100% ready now!
CUM SOCK is a noise/punk/grind/anything, and they from Canada.CxS was formed on early 2000 and has releasing many of d.i.y stuff since 2003! They has released the demo,compilations and split with DISLEKSICK(can),EGO-DEATH,SWAMP RAT,PAGAN FIRE and many others.CxS tracks in this split was recorded from 2003-04.They give 12 tracks for this split.Something straight forward noise to your face and surely this is RAW stuff little bit with anger mood! you need to becareful when you listen to this.
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is the shitty-raw-noisy-filthy grindcore from Malaysia. 10 new tracks by us on this time! Recording session at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and was engineered,mixed,mastered by their loyal friend GODZILLA! Raw and noisy as fakk as usual. What can you expect from this bastard? sit down and listen the noise.
This tape has released in limited 30pcs only.Another campaign for the musical destruction released! This is not in high quality stuff, so fuck your musical high taste and no grindcore/ d.i.y elitist allowed here!

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