Friday, 19 April 2013


Hello guys here is our 3rd new released for this month and it's already out 2 weeks ago!
It is our 2nd 4way split released,this time we share a split with MAJORxCUNT(u.k noisefreak)/xJIMBOWENx(u.k raw grindnoise)/ANAL-A-GO-GO-GEDDON(u.k noisefreak)! this split has released in mini-disc format under VILENOISE RECORDINGS.
All this band in this split is gave 5 minutes tracks in the way of raw,noise and grind! If you never heard about this all bands in this split you can check it out on the VILENOISE RECORDINGS official bandcamp, all this bands is offer the free download for almost of their releases before. All this band already released a lots of noise releases before.VILENOISE RECORDINGS is totally insane and really addicted in producing the noise stuff! one of the noisefreak d.i.y label that very active for now all of their releases mostly is offer for free download. so you can check out their bandcamp site after this or now!
SNB side gave 7 new noise shit for this split! total raw and noisy stuff as usual! what you can expect when the drunk shithead try to playing grindcore?? so you better check this and buy this stuff.
This split just released in limited 30 pcs only, so please get this quickly before you will regret in future! for the noisefreak lover only and not for the grindcore elites crap shit bastards! this is and apocalypse to the elitist grindcore scene! fuck you!

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