Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hello guys this month we have 3 released is already out now, sorry for taking time to make the new update.
The second released for this month is our split with CORRUPT HUMANITY and its already out now and released by R.A.P.S RECORDS from Bandung, Indonesia. This split is released in tape format.
CORRUPT HUMANITY is the raw grindcore/crust band from scotland. They has released the demo and many split released including split with UNHOLY GRAVE, DISEKSA, TO-DIE, SORDO, TAKASHI OHKAWA, and other more! In this new split with us, CxH side gave 7 new tracks with touch of the raw filthy grind. In this new tracks for this split CxH side has adding up the little bit of mince grind style in their tracks.superb and excellent! no bullshit, just straight raw grind to the face!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is the tuneless and raw dirty harsh noisegrind trio from S.A city,mal. In this split with CxH we gave 4 tracks including 3 minutes of  noise torture improvisation. still fuckin' raw and dirty as usual and recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and engineered,mixed,mastered by our best friend GODZILLA. there is nothing special you can expect from SNB, only raw and noisy stuff for the noisegrind lover!
To purchase this split tape kindly contact with the label released R.A.P.S RECORDS(indonesia).
Go buy this quickly before you will decide to hang yourself! support d.i.y grindcore!


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