Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hello guys.
we see again, our new split is officially out now, this time is a split with brazillian noisecore/punk PORRALOKA! This split actually has released mid of september but we're very fucking lazy to update our blog, september is totally our lazy ass month. but this month we will update and refresh our blog.
PORRALOKA is a noisecore/punk band from brazil, they already put out many releases before demo and split including split with CHANGOZ!(par raw noisepunk), TACOMANIACX(noise from mars), INDUSTRIAL HOLOCAUST(bra legendary noisegrind), TO-DIE(ina noise master), ANAL VIOLENCE(cro speedcore shit), GARABATO(col noisecore) and many other more! in this new split with SNB, they present 10 new noise shit, raw shit stuff! just straight noisecore to your face! you can check all their releases on PORRALOKA official bandcamp.
SHITNOISE BASTARDS side in this split is still noisy and raw as fakk. 12 new tracks from us with short tracks title this time. Recorded at our all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER Basement.
This split is released in cd-r format with seperate cover artwork by each bands. Released under brazil diy noise label Dente Pôdi Records, owner of this label is MORTE LENTA(brazil noisecore) vocalist, Joao Felipe also our good partner is noise! So to all noise addict, go contact with the label and buy this split or trade. support diy noisecore, death to capitalist noisecore!

To buy or trade:

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