Saturday, 21 September 2013

SHITNOISE BASTARDS/PISSDEADS split tape is out now !

Hello guys!
Our new split is officially out now! this time we did a split with russia noisecore master PISSDEADS!
PISSDEADS is noisecore band from russia, they formed on 2005 and has released so many releases, demo, ep and splits. they already released a split including with DISLEKSICK(can),DOSA(mal),PERMANENT DEATH(bel),PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE(mal),GORGONIZED DORKS(usa) and many more! too many to write here! 18 new tracks recorded by PISSDEADS in this new split, raw chaotic noisecore stuff. great stuff as usual by PISSDEADS! no bullshit, just straight noisecore to your face!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS gave 18 new tracks in this split. noisy, bad quality and no musical form stuff like usual from us. Recorded at our all time favorite place @ FREDDY KRUEGER basement, and mixed by our good friend GODZILLA.
This split is titled 'capitalist victimization' released by TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION & D.I.Y ATTACK both from malaysia. released in tape format. So get your ass up and go buy this tape now. support diy grindcore!

To buy or trade please contact with the labels:

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