Monday, 1 July 2013

' 666 songs' 3 way split is out now!!

hello noisefreak!
Our new 3 way split titled "666 songs" featuring OUR ROOTS(fra PV)/STANLEY IPKISS(ita fastcore)/SHITNOISE BASTARDS(mal noisegrind) has released and available now! released by NEANDERTHAL PRODUCTION(france) in pro cd-r format.
OUR ROOTS is powerviolence trio from Marseille,france formed on 2009. They has released their EP and Full lenght before. Also they has did few tour before. Frontman for this band, Matt also is the neanderthal prod. owner. Their music style they  has combining and mixed from screamo,hardcore,punk to grindcore! very energetic and fresh tunes from this guys!
STANLEY IPKISS is the new fastcore band featuring band member from SLAUGHTER IN VATICAN, DOWNRIGHT, SO GREY, LOSERS PARADE and many more! This new band they played old school fastcore style! they has released a demo before and this is their first split released. And sure many will be come out from this band soon! great fastcore stuff from this italian side.
SNB is noisegrind shithead trio from SA City, Mal. just fucking raw shit sleazy noisegrind. nothing good you can expect from this shithead. just raw stuff!
So get up your ass , contact with the label and place your order now! this is split released featuring 3 bands with different music genre and from 3 different countries! very nice stuff and nice packaging for sure! No matter what you playing, here is the proof that the music genre is not a big problem. fuck your music ego shit!

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