Monday, 1 July 2013

SHITNOISE BASTADRS / MALäD split tape is out now !

Hello guys! Our split with MALäD is out now! This split actually has released on 20th june, we just late to update it here. This split has released by NHDIYSTREC(france) in tape format.
MALäD is the noisecore duo from kiev,ukraine and was formed on 2010. This is bass & drum noisecore act! They has released their demo, e.p and few split including split with GORGONIZED DORKS(usa noisecore master),TUCO(ita noisecore),SNUFF TAPES(finland noisecore) and other more. In this new split with SNB, they gave their 12 minutes of the noisecore session raging set! very brutal and sick blasting!one of the noisecore band you need to give the attention!
SNB side is like usual. raw dirty and noisy. we gave 7 new tracks for this split. recorded at our all time favorite place, FREDDY KRUEGER basement and has engineered, mixed, mastered by our good monster friend GODZILLA. 7 tracks that sure will make you non-stop vomiting!
This split has released under NHDIYSTREC from france(another great noisefreak label) . thanks to Christophe for make this tape happened. Chris also is the frontman for the noisegrind band ADOLF SHITTER. released in limited 30 pcs home dubbed tapes only! grab this quickly! unstoppable blast beat stuff!

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