Tuesday, 15 May 2012

SHITNOISE BASTARDS s/t demo cd-r is out now!

s/t demo cd-r has released by FASTDIE RECORDS(mal).
Contained 9 raw-grind-harsh-fuzzy songs.
50 copies made by the label and will be re-release version soon by
DISPARODESIRE label & distro(spain),KVR DISTRO(brazil),DIY NOISE(u.s) & OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECS(brazil).
Interested to get this demo can do contact the label directly or us.
Trade is always welcome.

For trade or buy contact:
FASTDIE RECORDS(mal) - fastdie08@yahoo.com
 DISPARODESIRE label & distro(esp) - sacarblog@gmail.com
DIY NOISE(u.s) - e.carrillo91@gmail.com
OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECS(brazil) - nebulogrindpunk@hotmail.com
KVR DISTRO(brazil) - kvrdistro@hotmail.com
SxNxB - shitnoisebastards@gmail.com
DIY NOISE(u.s) tape version 

OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS & KVR DISTRO 3' cd-r re-release version
Both label is from Brazil.

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