Thursday, 9 August 2012

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / DOSA split E.p tape Is Out NOw !!

we like to announce that our new split release with DOSA(mal noisecore master) 'All Negative & Disorder' is officially out now from FASTDIE RECORDS.
DOSA is the old and one of the local pioneer noisecore/grind from malaysia. They started release the noiseshit since 2002 till now. They have tonnes of releases(demo/e.p/split) with PARKINSON(mal old crust/grind), TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, SLAUGHTERGRAVE, ANAL MASSAKER and many other bands from worldwide.
We really proud made this split project with the malaysia old noisecore/grind band plus this is our first split tape too!On side A is the 'All Negative' 5 minutes noisecore ragging by DOSA and Side B is the 'Disorder' 10 songs shit-raw-grind-harsh by us!
Total made only 30 copies by FASTDIE RECORDS. So please grab this before they're gone forever!

MYR7 by hand
By post please add MYR3(register post) for local order only.
for worldwide order and trade kindly contact with FASTDIE RECORDS.

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