Thursday, 1 November 2012

Do Not Let The Rip-Off Bastard Live Rich & Happy,Kill The Rip-Off Bastard demo cd-r is out now !

Hello and Grindgreeting To all Raw Grindnoise Freak!
Our new demo 'Do Not Let The Rip-Off Bastard Live Rich & Happy,Kill The Rip-Off Bastard' is offcially out now.This demo has released in cd-r format.By the way this is our 2nd demo since we has released our debut demo on last Mei.This new demo is contained with 10 new songs fast and brutal than before and raw as usual with d.i.y recorded and mastered by us on last month.This demo is talks about the RIP OFF cases that was happened involved all SNB bandmates either in SNB or other bands that they played too.This demo is about our expression with this RIP OFF bastard!also we include the rip off warning list and info inside this demo.So make sure when you got this demo please spread this out to your friends,specially the rip off warning alert cause the rip off is something like silence killer and hidden killer that will eat you alive!For this time our new demo has released and available from FASTDIE RECORDS(mal) and GREEN SHIT RECORDS(u.s.a).This new demo also will be release by few labels from u.s.a and brazil soon that will be involved: DIY NOISE(u.s.a tape version),SINISTER UPHEAVAL LABEL & DISTRO(u.s.a tape version),OMEGA SHOP(borneo malaysia cd-r version) & OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS(brazil tape/3'cd-r),CHAOTIC COLLECTIVE RECORDS(romania cd-r).
So if you more like tapes you guys can do contact with the label as has mentioned.To get current version please do contact with the label directly.We're very happy cause have many of good friends want to help us to spread this demo.
Don't let yourself be eaten by the RIP-OFF bastard!

FASTDIE RECORDS(mal) version

GREEN SHIT RECORDS(u.s.a)  version

OMEGA SHOP(mal) version 


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