Sunday, 3 February 2013


Hello Guys!
We back again with new split release. 
This time we has release a split with NEYPALM DEATH!
NEYPALM DEATH is the merciless noisecore trio from S.A City(mal)! This is 3/4 SMG's guys spoof-project band. NxD has released demo tape and split before with SMG  and MOON RA and this is their new split release for now.
NEYPALM DEATH set in this split is taken from their debut live appearance in the 'NIGHT OF THE ULTIMATE MOSH #5' @ shah alam. Total torture noise set by this trio.
SHITNOISE BASTARDS tracks for this split is taken from our debut live performed in 'THIS IS HELL #20' @ kuala lumpur. This is our 1st gig so we played like shit. Until now we still played like shit. No improvement. So there's nothing to say about this split, just NOISE and EAR DESTRUCTION! 
This split is released by FASTDIE RECORDS in cd-r format. Go contact with this label if you want to get the copy by trade or buy.

For Buy Or Trade Contact With:

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