Monday, 17 September 2012

SHITNOISE BASTARDS 'Hyper-Tension Grindcore Rehearsal'

Hello and Grindgreeting!
We has uploaded our rehearsal session 'Hyper-Tension Grindcore Rehearsal' with full songs streaming on our official bandcamp site.
This is 3.11' full raging grind/noise with total 5 songs in this rehearsal session.This 5 songs from this rehearsal will be appear in the 4 way split cd-r with ATAQUE CARDIACO(grindcore brazil), NOISE HAUNTED INSANE (noisecore brazil) & JEFFREY DAHMER(indonesia raw grind) and will be release by OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS(brazil) and as the bonus in the split tape with THE PATH(u.s oldschool death/thrash/doom/punk) and will be release by FASTDIE RECORDS(mal).
All of you grindnoise/raw freak can go to our bandcamp to check this out.
Just click the link below and you guys will be straight to our bandcamp site. Not for the high taste and not for grindcore elitist asshole! pure and raw grindcore straight to your face !

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