Thursday, 6 September 2012

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / HATE JUNKIE split 3' cd-r is out now !

Hello and grindgreeting!
Very exiciting cause we have two releases came out in this month!
After our split tape with DEFORMING TORTURE released last week, today our split release with HATE JUNKIE(u.s harshnoise/grind/sludge/freak) is officially out now and released by SINISTER UPHEAVAL D.I.Y LABEL(u.s). This is label run by the HATE JUNKIE frontman.
HATE JUNKIE already have many previous releases before.They produced 7 songs in this split.Awesome and great music arrangement did by this guys, got many variety and styles in their noise produced.From fast to the slow arrangement and very interesting. This is 1 man noise band, very productive band for sure.Check this band out!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS side is contained 10 raw shit grindnoise as usual 
with total duration is 4.51'.Short-Fast-Loud stuff for sure!
Prepare for your ear bleeding to explode.
This split is release in 3' cd format with limited copies.
Recomanded to all harshnoise/grind freak!
To get this split please contact directly with the label.


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