Friday, 7 December 2012

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / TUCO split is out now !

Hello guys!
Another our new split release is officially out now in this month!
this new release is split with TUCO from italy. TUCO(italy noisecore) was formed on 2008 and already put out so many releases before.This guys is totally alcoholic noise-grind-freak! They has put out many split release including split with PRIMORDIAL SOUNDS, DOSA, SLAUGHTER GRAVE, PISSDEAD, CHAOTIC SOUNDS and many more. In this new split they has produced 28 tracks of noisecore in their style and the total duration in 5 minutes. So make sure you guys is ready to listen to their side!Drink the whiskey and then start to listen to TUCO!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS(mal raw shitty grind/noise) side produced 5 tracks with noisy raw grind as usual with total duration 5 minutes for their side.We also has added the distorted bass in this session.This is the first time we made recording session with bass.So if you want to listen how shit we were with the distorted bass, you guys need to have this split tape.
Only 30 copies made and released by FASTDIE RECORDS. So grab this fast as you can.

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