Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hello and happy new year to all grindfreak!
we're all very lucky because the world is not end yet and we can continue to listen to noisegrind!
we start this 2013 with the new release 'yes noise,not war' split with VIDEO NASTY(u.s noise/grind/experimental/ambient) and its already official out now!
VIDEO NASTY(im sure got the other fastcore band from aussie use the same name) is u.s noise/grind based. This duo has put out many of the releases before and did many co-operation noise/sample with other bands. This guy is very talented doing the sample and the 'dark' sounds! very good improvisation and sure with the good effects tool! In this split they produced 8 minutes of the noisegrind with their style and way! you can feel the anger,dark,horror,mystical mood while you listening to their tracks! so make yourself prepare for this experience!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS produced 8 tracks of the raw-noise-grind-shit as usual for this split..this is our noisegrind improvisation session without our guitarist(he is on holiday on the time when all tracks recorded). So SxNxB side did the recording with the drummer and the vocalist did the noise with the guitar! sure it sounds shit and disaster! but this is rare, so you guys need to check this out if you want to know how we did this.
This split is released in mini-disc format and was released by our good friend SINISTER UPHEAVAL DISC & TAPES from u.s(this label has put out many of our releases before.thanks for the support!). Go buy and show your support to d.i.y grindcore! no elitist allowed ! fuck the grindcore elite scene !

To buy or trade please contact with the label :

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