Sunday, 9 February 2014

January 2014 releases

Hello guys! we have lots of releases that has released last month, we will try to update as soon as possible. this is what has released in January 2014:
+Shit Trash compilation #1, netlabel, SHIT TRASH DIY RECS(usa) 

+Split with TO-BO(ger harsh noise experimental), tape, KRACH MACHT FREI(ger)
"To-Bo is a 1 man noise that already have many of releases. over 100 releases they made, the guy also is the owner of the SHITNOISE RECORDS that very active producing noise compilation.This split tape with SNB, only 10pcs made."

+Split with KONEKSI GAGAL(ina crustgrind), netlabel, BLACK REBELLION REC(ina)
"KONEKSI GAGAL is a new and fresh band from indonesia. They played raw grindcore and sounds very angry and raging. They has releaseda demo before and this is their 1st split, and we glad we are the 1st did a split with them.This split just released in digital format only."

+Split with COMPULSION TO KILL(mal grindviolence), tape , TOTAL SHIT PROD(mal) & NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC(fra)
"2 bands is from malaysia! CTK is featuring band member from malaysia early geindcore band TORTURE INCIDENT!what the fuck you can expect anymore? this is total blast! CTK already put out many released including split with CARCASS GRINDER,GRUNT, GRINCHFINGER & many others. In this new split they gave 7 tracks that raw and blast!currently this split tape with SNB is already sold out. very fast selling! for those who not buy/have this split tape you will die in suffer for sure."

"Another SNB Ep(3rd).released by one of the pioneer and old label/distro from malaysia, BROKEN NOISE RECORDS! we're so lucky to get an offer to released and Ep under this label.The owner of this label, JIMBO also former member of malaysia early crustgrind band PARKINSON, and now he playing in another great crust heavy act HELLEXIST. only 44pcs made, pro-cdr format. Nice and smooth diy digipack finishing. We salute you bro JIMBO!"

"HxD is new noisecore act from indonesia, they guy in this band is our friend and he also playing in another noisecore band called ORAL PROTECTION. Split with HxD is just very short duration split, 2 minutes by each side and released in limited 30pcs cd-r."

+Split with MORTE LENTA(bra), tape, OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECS(bra)
"MORTE LENTA is old school noisecore from brazil. They has released a demo and few split including with DECHE CHARGE!split with SNB they gave 12 minutes noisecore raging, SNB side also gave 12 minutes of merciless noisegrind attack, released by our good friends in noise Glesio & OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS from brazil. Limited tape format released, and rare stuff!

+Split with SECOND DEATH(usa), cd-r & tape, NO LIGHTS TONIGHT RECS(usa) & CKPYNG IDEA RECS(ina)
"SxD is the heavy grind act from usa. we're so lucky get contacted by this guy through our email. They have many projects and SxD is the latest project band by this guys. They sounds heavy and brutal as fakk! This slit released in 2 formats cd-r and tape. Cd-r is released by NO LIGHTS TONIGH RECS(usa), and tape is released under CKPYING IDEA RECS(ina). both format is released in limited 30pcs only!

"just another shit rehearsal recorded, including a cover version of PINK FLOYD 'saucerful of secrets', released in digital format under DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal), and 4 tracks from this rehearsal will be appear is split tape with REDSK(usa noise)."

+Split with BREAKFAST ON JUPITER(fra) re-press version with new cover artwork, tape,NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC(fra)
"2nd press version with new cover artwork! Thanks to Hicham & NAR for and offer about 2nd press.cover artwork did by our friend Zach who also the owner of the noise label NO LIGHTS TONIGHT RECS(usa)."

+Split with PRO-PAST(serbia grind/crust), cd-r, JESBOLIGAKURAC RECORDS(serbia)
"first time we heard PRO-PAST is in 8 seconds compilation, they did very well. Then after that we get an offer to released a split with PRO-PAST,we're very lucky again.PRO-PAST playing crust/grind and they already released a demo and split before.This serbian grinder is now busy with another new split in the progress now. split with SNB is released in cd-r hand numbered format, 30pcs made only, 5 minutes by each side and released under JESBOLIGAKURAC RECORDS from serbia.This is our first split with a band from serbia! hope will be more in future.Serbia have many good bands."

+8 seconds noise compilation, netlabel, DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal)
"crazy and insane noise compilation featuring 50 bands from over the world. released in digital format under DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal)."

* To get all these new releases, just do contact with the label. Go find the contact by google!
* we lazy to upload the photo here. Google image can help you!

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