Sunday, 2 March 2014

SNB short and lazy updated!

Hello to all noisefreak! Here is short and lazy update about our new releases that has released in last month.
We still take a break from live show and maybe we'll back on stage on Mei, hopefully.
Ok here is what has released in last month, we have 4 releases:

+Split with CURD(can), netlabel, DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal).
CURD is a harshnoise/noisecore 1 man band from canada. No need to introduce about this band. They're very  active in d.i.y noise scene nowdays, countless split releases & many compilation that they has joined.
In this new split with SNB, they gave 15 noise tracks. raw-straight-harsh and noisy stuff for your ear!
SNB gave 2 tracks for this split, the tracks recorded during the recording session in early 2014.This is just short duration split. 3 minutes duration by each side and released in digital format as free download, come out with actual cover layout, so go to the DEATHTONES RECORDS bandcamp, download this album, print it and trade with your friends, and enjoy this shit!

MAKHLUK ASING is a hc/punk band from indonesia. yeah everybody know that indonesia have so many bands and huge scene.Countless bands existed there. When we get in touch by the person from IDZ.ART MVMNT, they introduce this band, and they're very good! so this split project is on the spot on that time.
MxA has released their demo before. Then when the time they want to start the Java mini tour in last month, the label has released few copies quantity of this split for their tour. The other 2 labels still waiting the copies to arrive soon. Few friends at indonesia is already has this tape. lucky of you guys! In this split SNB gave 10 tracks that recorded together in same recording session  for split with SMG. Raw and noisy shit by us. 6 tracks by Indonesian side for this split. released in limited 60pcs tape format, co-project release by 3 labels from indonesia, malaysia & france. Thanks to all who has involved! you guys fuckin' rules!

+'shit rehearsal', floppy diskette, NO LIGHTS TONIGHT RECS(usa)
This is our 3rd release in floppy diskette format. Actually the original plan to released this rehearsal is under Total Shit Prod & Sacrificial Tapes. But since the TSP floppy driver is damage, so this project has abandoned & almost forgotten until our friend Zach from NO LIGHTS TONIGHTS RECS(usa) give a hand to help to released this. It contain with 3 minutes noisy grind torture session, released in limited 17pcs only!
go contact with the label now to get your copy. Support d.i.y grindcore! Thanks to Zach for the support, and sure SNB will do more released under NO LIGHT TONIGHTS RECS in next!

+Split with ALMANAC(usa), tape, TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION(mal)
ALMANAC is a blackmetal-punk-ambient band from New Jersey, usa. Their musical arrangement and composition is really show the expression. They released their debut demo in early 2013. It's sounds very dark and so ambient atmosphere listening. 4 new tracks by them for this split, this 4 tracks in theme about 4 season. very nice and interesting composition. they did very well again this time, plus this 4 tracks also get few attention from few webzine review. nice job guys!
SNB give 7 minutes tracks for this split, but shit is happened during our recording, the vocal mic is not working good. So all SNB tracks in this split hear very slow voice, just like whispering. Fuck the mic!
This tape released by TOTAL SHIT PROD(mal), limited 30pcs in tape format.Forget about the voice, enjoy the noise!

*to get in touch with the label, search at google, and of course google can help you!
**happy hunting and have a nice day to all of you! thanks for the support!

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