Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fast Update!

Here is fast update about our new release. It's already out now!

+Split with AGAMENON PROJECT(brazil grindcore)
AxP is a 1 man grind project from brazil. They formed on 2007 and already have so many releases in digital and physical format. Deeply influences by ANB, WARSORE, AGx and many more. Very interesting and tough drum programming band. In this new split the gave 5 tracks and SNB side with 10 new tracks.
Released in cd-r format, collaboration with 3 labels TRASHFUCK RECS(usa) / JESBOLIGAKURAC RECS(ser) / DIY ATTACK MINI DISTRO(mal).

+Split with KETNAKUTAK(russia noisecore/noisepunk)
Finally after long delayed this split has released! KETNAKUTAK is a noise band from russia featuring band members from SRAM and GJUT. This band is just a project band by this guys, have released a split with SSS before. In this new split KETNAKUTAK gave 6 new tracks with lo-fi and noisy recorded, and SNB side with 10 tracks. This split took a year to released because have few delayed for recording process, but finally it's released now, released in tape format.Collaboration with 3 labels NO BREAD RECS(rus) / FUCK THE INDUSTRY(jpn) / BAD ROAD COGITO ERGO SUM(rus), with various selection 5 color tapes and the cover art illustation done by a dude from russia. nice one!

+Split with EXACERBACION(costa rica)
EXAxxxxx is a crust/grind from costa rica, formed on 2008. Already have many releases including split,ep's and demo with a band from worldwide. This split took a year to finished since alenjandro and EXAxxxxx need to travel 6-7 hours to do a recording, but finally it's released. Released in tape format, limited to 70pcs only. Released by GRINDFATHER PROD(uk), with various selection color tapes.

+Split with SMG(mal)
SMG no need a introduction, master of grindcore from SA City, Mal!
Dont have any idea this is what number releases for SMG because they already got tonnes of releases.
Raw, anger and blast! 6 tracks by SMG for this split! and 41 tracks by SNB! this is SMG/SNB split!
Released in 150pcs tape format, co-release project between GRINDFATHER PROD(uk) & NIHILISTIC DESPAIR RECS(usa). With various colors selection tapes.

+Split with MONKEY PUNCH(fra PV/thrash/grind)
MxP is a PV/thrash/grind band from france! the frontman of this band is a owner of NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC. after we had collaboration in releases with NAR, finally now we have released a split MONKEY PUNCH. this is the ape worshiper band! they have released a demo and few split before also have crazy and awesome split project next. 6 tracks by MxP and 8 tracks by SNB for this split. Released in limited 60 tapes format. co-release project between NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC(fra) & TOTAL SHIT PROD.(mal)

+Split with JERK KEROUAC(mal)
JERK KEROUAC is a harshnoise band that engineered by Azzief. Already have released split, ep and demo before. Also has done many collaboration with other noise artist. This live track is recorded on 7th feb 2014, live at Findars, KL. and SNB live set was recorded at the morgue on 7th Feb 2014. Released in digital format under DEATHTONES RECORDS(mal).

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