Friday, 9 May 2014

Quick Update!

Hello guys! we have 2 new releases out now. Actually this new releases has released last month. So check this out for more info.

NYAB is legendary noise/grind band from brazil. They started on early 95'. After several years they resting now they has comeback with their new noise vomit! And SNB is very lucky to get a chance for doing split with them. In this time their new split is already released, including a split with us. In this new split with SNB,
NYAB gave 28 new noise that recorded on feb and march 2014. pure noisegrind and raw stuff! SNB side on this split is a drum+bass noisegrind session. 23 tracks by us for this split. Released in pro tape format, limited 100pcs by BROKEN NOISE RECORDS from malaysia. BNR is a hcpunk label in malaysia and they has releasing stuff since 1997 and owned by Jimbo a former PARKINSON(mal crustgrind) and now with HELLEXIST(mal heavy crust)! They has released a NYAB cd album on 2002 before. So get your copy/copies now before this tape gone forever. have 3 selection cover colors. Make your choice now. To order this tape, just write to the label via email: ladingsatu(at)

SKB is a poetry/experimental/acoustic/noise trio from KL, malaysia. Not much info about them, but they active performing in a local show gig here. They more into poetry and it's about the world and life in reality. Nice and good input for all of us.If you more into the poetry you guys must have this tape. SNB side in this split tape has recorded in march 2014 at our all time favorite place, freddy krueger basement. 12 minutes noise shit by us. Released in pro tape format, limited to 100pcs by NOISE MONGER RECORDS from malaysia.

*you guys can search at google for more info, contact, links and image of this releases.

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