Tuesday, 3 June 2014

lazy update, short update, fast update!

Hello guys and hello to noisefreaks! Here is the update about our new split releases. Most of these releases has released in last month. So feel free to read for more details and info.

+Split with YACØPSÆ​(​ger)+
 YACØPSÆ is a powerviolence/hardcore trio legend from germany and they need no introduction. They already established since 1990 and have tonnes of releases in vinyl, tapes and cd's. They playing fast! In this new split with SNB, They gave 4 tracks that taken from their live set that recorded on january 2014 including 1 unreleased track and never have studio record before titled 'GENOZID'. Very good and awesome live sounds recorded. SNB gave 10 new tracks for this split, still noisy as fakk sounds recorded and plus bonus live track featuring our friend from scotland, Munky(corrupt humanity) as vox, live track recorded when the time munky with xSAXONx on SEA tour 2013, they played at our town S.A City. This bonus live track just can be only listen in tape only. This split tape is released in co-operated release project between TOTAL SHIT PROD(mal) & NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC(fra). Limited to 60pcs only! And in this time what we heard this tape is officially sold out! and good news is this split will be re-pressing in 7" format , 300pcs and will be release in this year. So to those who missed this before you guys better get awake for the re-press version.

This is totally super noise split and it can be Armageddon to those who hate noise! but if you dont like noise, just go fuck off. 5 bands in this split is from UK and SNB is from malaysia. 5-6 minutes tracks by each side. It contained with noisecore/noisegrind/noise exp and other interesting things like little bit jazz and blues combine with noise. so this is disaster surely for you moron! Released in limited 30pcs tape by our partnet in noise, VILENOISE RECORDINGS(uk). Go contact with the label right now, maybe they might still have few copies left. So grab it now!

+ Split with FRAME313(aus)
FRAME313 is a bass+drum powerviolence duo from australia. What can you expect from this kanggaroo land? as we all know that Australia is always best in producing fast band on earth, it's like a tradition by them. F313 already released a demo and few split before also has appeared in few compilations. For this split with SNB they gave 8 new tracks in the vein of MITB and california PV. SNB gave 12 new tracks for this split. This split tape has released in limited 60pcs in co-operation between SNAP BRAIN RECORDINGS(aus) & NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC(fra). each labels made 30pcs. So go contact with the label right now.

+ Split with AGATHOCLES(bel) +
AGx is no need any introduction! band that already well known. have over hundreds of split in vinyl, countless releases in tape and cd's. Such a great and nice person on earth, they're master and legend! In this split Agx side tracks taken from their recording on 2008-2009. harsh mincing and blast! 15 tracks by Agx for this split tape.. SNB side gave 34 noisegrind tracks for this split. Recorded at our all time favorite place, Uncle Freddy Krueger Basement. 16 minutes duration by each side. Released in 200pcs tape. Co-released project between 5 labels DIY ATTACK(mal), STOCKED DISTRO(aus), SACRIFICIAL TAPES(uk), TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION(mal) & ACID REDUX PROD.(usa). In this time this tape is available with malaysian labels, but this tape will be available at all labels soon since the tapes is in on delivery right now. So you guys can contact with the nearest label with you to booking your copy/copies. 

+ Split with C.A.B(ina) +
C.A.B is a fastcore/PV band from indonesia. Featuring a guy from PARANOIA(ina grindcore) as a drummer in this band. Not many info about them, but they has appeared in few compilations before. This band is know how to play fast!! nice stuff for sure. This split tape is released under JESBOLIGAKURAC RECORDS from serbia. Limited 30pcs made. So go contact with the label now. 6 minutes duration by each side in this split.

+ Split with SETE STAR SEPT(jpn) +
SETE STAR SEPT noisegrind duo from japan, high prolific with tonnes of releases and tours. They played pure noisegrind and raw! In this time they 're on European tour. They gave 5 new tracks studio recorded and 15 minutes live set that has recorded when they played at scotland. SNB side gave 22 new studio recorded and 8 minutes of live set taken from local show on 2013. We glad this split tape is released during SSS european tour, so hope all european friends will support and buy this tape at their show, support the tour band! This split tape released by our friend NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST REC(fra). Limited 100pcs made. So go contact with the label right now to all noisefreaks! Dont wait, Dont sleep!

*to get all contacts(labels and bands) you guys can search with google. You'll find it! Grind On!

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