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Hello noisefreaks!
Here is the interview session we done with NO LIGHTS TONIGHT RECORDS from usa. Feel free to read this and to those who want to know little bit about us, continue to read this interview:

1.How did you guys come up with the name Shitnoise Bastards?
Actually after whole week of brain storming to find a name for our band, we can’t find any good name. And then we thinking to put a name that really show how poor and bad our music is, then we think shit noise bastards is perfect! We realized many bands has use a shit and bastards words to be their band name, sometimes people also confuse about this. But this is noise/grindcore, we don’t care about establishment, do you cares? 

2.If you could re-record one of your old albums, would you do it? If yes, which one would it be?
This is really hard for us to answer, because we don’t have any our favorite from our releases before. But I can say here, maybe we might interested to re-record ‘environmental speak dead language’ demo. Because of these demo(actually this is our 3rd demo) we get so many opportunity to co-operate with new labels/friends/bands. We’re really glad when people really enjoyed with these demo. If we get a chance to re-record this album again, maybe we want to play in super fast blasting crazy hell than the original recorded. 

3.How did your first show go?
Our first show is just ok. We get invited 5 months after we formed as a band. That just only 3 bands gig, small gig, and just few people came (around 6-10 people only). We don’t care about the attendance, equipment etc. So as other bands too, when you get invited for the 1st show, of course we really excited to perform in front of the friends. Glad they really entertained. Then after that we have played many shows here till today. 

4.What makes you guys keep doing this?
The reason we still and keep going to release our noise shit is we has met and meet many new friends from worldwide with our noise vomit, we really never expect that we can go far by this, we never thought that our poor and noisy stuff will spreading like this. So all releases we made so far either demo or split it’s about a friendship actually. Nothing to compete or be a winner. For us friendship is first important thing and music is the last thing. This is what is underground scene about. But many people don’t realize it. So we really happy we found so many friends from the day 1 we formed till today and we will never stop what we’re doing even many people hate and said we just rubbish band but we don’t care, in the normal life you will meet a friends and enemy. So nothing to take serious about people who hate you. You just continue what you doing and enjoy yourself. If they don’t like it, just ignore them. 

5.Ever had a bad live show?
The real thing is when we play live it’s already bad thing because nobody will understand what is SNB actually. Some of the people who came to the show they think SNB is a very tights grindcore band or handsome/macho band, but the reality is we just a wasted drunk noisegrind band and we play like shit for every our live set. So people hate us a lot. Sometimes we just play 3 minutes of live set only. So to all show organizer please think
twice before invite us to play. But we want to advice to all show organizer please listen to noise stuff before you want to invite any noisecore/noisegrind band to play in your show. Because we not tough like NAPALM DEATH, NASUM, WORMROT or other major label grindcore to entertain your guest/crowds. Plus we can’t make you rich. Fuck you! 

6.When you guys started Shitnoise Bastards, what was going through you heads at the time?
When we start we want to make something that really noisy, have a sense of humors, straight forward message, we want to break the music theory and skills, we want to crush musical ego, and the main thing is we want to express ourselves about our shitty country, neighborhoods, authority where we lived. This is the reason why SNB exist. 

7.Does everyone in the band have a side project?
On the time when SNB has formed, Our vox/noisy bassist(choi) is still in his metal/grind band MAGNITIZDAT. I don’t know if he still playing in his band or not, I(hazree) is playing with HATRED DIVISION and DISEKSA. Both these band play raw grindcore. But HATRED DIVISION later is RIP after 3 months SNB was formed, and DISEKSA still playing but not really active like before, and in the current time now I have another new project called LT.DEEN and we’re bass+drum grindcore. Has released demo cd-r and just released 3way split cd-r. And our current guitarist now is a guy from TERLARANG. He still plays hard with his band till now. Hahaha. also he is our old friend too. So you guys can check all the bands that I have mentioned here. 

8.Favorite thing about being in a band?
Best and enjoyable things in bands is we will spend a lot of time together, go travel together, get drunk together, having arguing sometimes, fighting with each other sometimes hehehe, and then lastly we still stay in the band together. We already facing with a hard time before, this is normal to have little arguing in a band, so to those who can accept the decision we made they will stay in the band, and to those who can’t they leaved us, this is normal. For now we just has changed 1 line up only, me and choi is still remained as the original line up for SNB since day 1. 

9.Was there ever a time where you just wanted to give up on noise music?
We’re so lucky when we playing in SNB we never think and feel to quit because we really enjoy with what we doing, it’s really fun and great times we had, sometimes we invite our friends to come and join us to make noise for our recording. Also we invite few friends to play live with us in some shows. SNB is like a ‘home’ for everybody who wants to make noise. We will welcome everybody to make noise with us unless you’re an asshole we will punch you at the face and kick your ass. 

10.If you guys not making noise music, what would you guys be doing?
Choi will be a full time photographer, I will be full time slave at printing shop and our guitarist we don’t know exactly what he will be, maybe full time drummer with his band TERLARANG or he will get marry and raise his kids. Hehehe..So I like to thanks to you for this interview session. It’s nice to have an interview like this sometimes and I wish all the best for your labels and anything you do. Keep noise alive and noise is not a crime! For more info about SNB you guys can check us on the cyber world.

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