Wednesday, 1 October 2014


CONVERGENCE is a pamphlet by SHITNOISE BASTARDS to address our statements, to issue our responses and to make our stance against our surrounding problems and conflicts.

CONVERGENCE #1, was meant to attack the oil palm industry and it's corporations which deployed environmental destruction and human rights violation to make profit out of the oil palm-based products that are our daily usage products of where we could prevent using it to make a stop to all the endless complication caused by these capitalists, was printed and slipped into the cassette of YACOPSAE//SHITNOISE BASTARDS split via TOTAL SHIT PRODUCTION and NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST RECORDS.

Now we make the pamphlet available for everyone to save it, read it, print it, share it and spread it.

More CONVERGENCE pamphlets to come soon together with future projects associated with SHITNOISE BASTARDS.

And just a mere reminder that the limited 60 pcs cassette are sold out, we currently look upon to print the CONVEGENCE #1 once again [hopefully] for the re-release of YACOPSAE//SHITNOISE BASTARDS split 7' which is still in the early stage of financial settlement for the 7' pressing and cover printing.

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